My name is Wyatt Bryson and I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. I have a BA in Political Science from Humboldt State and am a licensed maritime captain with a strong background in maritime logistics. Always a citizen scientist, I found my calling in fungi. A self taught Mycologist with 10 years experience in cultivation, I now run two mushroom companies comprised of a retail mushroom store, commercial kitchen, mushroom farm and advanced mycology lab located in Sebastopol, CA. Mycolab Solutions is our laboratory, educational network and consultation company. Jewels of the Forest is our fungi based food company and incubator kitchen. Our signature product, Shroom Snack Premium Mushroom Jerky is sold across the country and supports our mission to educate the public on the magical world of fungi. I believe mushrooms and fungi will play a huge role in the healing of our bodies and our planet. I am honored and humbled to be in a position to spread the mycelium to the masses and save the world one mushroom at a time!  

Mycolab Solutions
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Healing Power of Medicinal Fungi

Explore the diverse uses and nutritional benefits of medicinal mushrooms and fungal kingdom.

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