Linda Morris really learned mushrooms and foraging from naturalist, Charmoon Richardson, her Chosen Brother. That training began 25 years ago and led to a case of what he called “The Raz.” That is the mushroom hunting fever that ignites one to drive miles for the right habitat and then trudge many more foot-miles up and down forest hillsides in search of fungi. Charmoon was the founder of SOMA Camp, a conference for mushroom-enthusiasts, now held each January in Occidental, CA. Linda collaborated with him on its organization and development for many years, eventually as Camp Director. Linda is a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner (https://lindamorris.love) when she’s not in the woods. She still has The Raz.

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Healing Power of Medicinal Fungi

Explore the diverse uses and nutritional benefits of medicinal mushrooms and fungal kingdom.

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