OCTOBER 17, 2020

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Healing Power of Medicinal Fungi

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About the event

Join us for an event exploring the Kingdom of the Mushroom!

Fungi experts will be lecturing on the science and traditional use of widely researched medicinal mushrooms.

Acupuncturists (both California and Nationally licensed) will be awarded 7.5 Category 2 CEUs for our seminar.

All proceeds will benefit the non-profit Sonoma County Herb Association in Sebastopol, Ca.

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Our Amazing Speakers

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Brian Kie Weissbuch L.Ac., CEO

KW Botanicals Inc.

Ryath Beauchene

Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm

Nam Singh-Tao Shi

Ordained Taoist Priest of the Dragon Tiger Mountain School, O.M.D., Nutritional Consultant

George Vaughan
George Vaughan

Mushroom Harvest

Linda Morris

Mushroom Enthusiast

Daniel Winkler


Amanda Bloomfield

Bloom's Shrooms

Wyatt Bryson

Mycolab Solutions

Learn how to harness the healing power of medicinal fungi.

Conference Schedule

Saturday, July 18th. Recordings will be available after the event for at least 6 months.
Christopher Hobbs
Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms
9am – 10am (PST)

Dr. Christopher Hobbs

To kick things off, Christopher Hobbs will introduce us to modern uses of fungi for medicine and their place in modern integrative health and medicinal practices.

Ethical Mushroom Wildcrafting
10:30am – 11:45am (PST)

Ryath Beauchene

Join Ryath Beauchene for a presentation on the intersection of ethical wildcrafting and introductory, "no-tech" cultivation techniques. Ryath will share how foragers can enrich the ecosystems and processes that create mushrooms while encouraging abundance for all. He will also cover tips for finding common medicinal fungi and general recommendations for harvesting from the wild and human-tended places we love.

Taoist Macrobiotics - The Integrated Science of Taoism
11:50pm – 12:30pm (PST)

Nam Singh

Nam Singh will briefly survey the ancient scientific basis of the Taoist definition of human health, happiness and longevity. Combining cosmology, physiology, functional food therapy, exercise and celestial calendar study. Join us for the video debut of chef Nam Singh cooking with medicinal mushrooms. Video produced by Lee Foster, Taproot Media.

Cordyceps in Orient and Occident – Traditional Use and Natural History of a Perplexing Parasite and Purported Panacea
12:45pm – 2:15pm (PST)

Daniel Winkler

In East Asia the healing power of Cordyceps is in highest esteem, making Yartsa gunbu (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) the world’s most precious fungus peaking at over $30,000 per pound, and accounting for 40% of rural income in Tibet. Every year in spring, Tibetans move to the grasslands to collect this tiny, elusive fungus that grows on the larva of ghost moths. Consequently, sustainability is of great concern, but new research helps explaining its apparent resilience. Yartsa gunbu has at nearly 400 years of documented use in Tibetan Medicine, Chinese medical records followed 100 years later. However, in China already other Cordyceps were medicinally used at least since the 4th Century. Meanwhile much of Western main stream medicine is not even aware of Cordyceps, though several famous pharmaceuticals are derived from Cordyceps fungi. Interestingly, if you buy "Cordyceps sinensis" or Opgiocordyceps sinensis as a supplement in the West, you most likely will end up with a different fungus, since no one here cultivates the real fungus! Likewise, there are hundreds of different Cordyceps species in the Americas and we have next to no idea about their medicinal potential. Only in recent years new world species are receiving deserved attention. The neo-tropics are amazingly rich in bizarre Cordyceps and Daniel, based on a dozen Mushroaming trips to South America, will introduce the most common and also some rare species, including some Cordyceps, not known to science yet.

Cultivatation Panel Discussion
2:30pm – 3:30pm (PST)

George Vaughan, Amanda Bloomfield, and Wyatt Bryson

Join panelists as they answer questions about cultivating medicinal mushrooms small and large. Interested in growing your own mushrooms? Wonder how to grow mushrooms at scale?

Foraging & Respectability Panel Discussion
3:45pm – 5pm (PST)

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Linda Morris, and Ryath Beauchene

Join panelists as they tell stories, answer questions about foraging, and discuss the joys of foraging medicinal mushrooms.

Christopher Hobbs
Medicinal Mushrooms: Biochemistry and How They Work
9am – 12pm (PST)

Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Christopher Hobbs will discuss the historical and modern uses of fungi for medicine and their place in modern integrative health and medicinal practices. This includes both Western scientific and TCM perspectives. Topics include: Fungal activation of immune response, Review of functions and interactions of the innate and adaptive immune system. β-glucans and other fungal compounds' activation of immune functions while down-regulating others such as inflammatory pathways when they become excessive. Presentation of a thorough and succinct review of peer-reviewed and published clinical trials and traditional use of the most widely-researched medicinal mushrooms (including reishi, turkey tails, shiitake, cordyceps, & lion's mane), based on his many years of on-going clinical practice.

Dr. Christopher Hobbs is a fourth-generation, internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, herbal clinician, research scientist, consultant to the dietary supplement industry, expert witness, botanist, mycologist with over 35 years of experience. The author or co-author of over 20 books, Christopher has lectured on herbal medicine world-wide. He earned his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, one of the world’s most prestigious universities, with research and publication in evolutionary biology, biogeography, phylogenetics, plant chemistry, and ethnobotany.

Making a Mushroom Menu with Marta & Mitcho
12:15pm – 12:45pm (PST)

Marta May and Mitcho Thompson

Photo of George Vaughan
Growing of mushrooms for optimum active constituents
1pm – 2:30pm (PST)

George Vaughan

George Vaughan will talk about growing mushrooms for optimum active constituents, comparison of different growing method and substrates, processing of the raw material, technical aspects of increasing bio-availability and beta glucan content. He will also discuss the comparison of the benefits from both the mycelium and fruiting body of different species.

Medicinal Fungi: Perspectives of Western Herbology & Traditional Chinese Medicine
2:30pm – 5:30pm (PST)

Brian Kie Weissbuch L.Ac.

Brian Weissbuch will discuss the physiologic actions of medicinal fungi and fungal products from the perspectives of Western Herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine based on his clinical experience. Clinical experience: Treatment of hepatic and immuno-deficiency, Txt of Lung Deficiency/Wei Qi Xu, Immune Deficiency, Treatment of Tendinitis, Lyme Disease, Txt of Cerebral & Spinal Trauma/CNS Disharmony, Damp Pestilence, Emotional Constraint, Biofilm Inhibition & Treatment of Cystitis, Treatment of Damp Heat in the Lung, Treatment of Toxic Heat in the Blood, Mycobiont Evolution & Medicinal Activity of Lichens


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  • On-demand access to all talks for at least six months after the event concludes.
  • Acupuncturists (both California and Nationally licensed) will be awarded 7.5 Category 2 CEUs for our seminar.
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